Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a suite of applications by Google that can be uploaded on any device

which meets the requirements and technical specifications. When a device is GMS certified this means that it meets the standards for quality, reliability and performance.

The certification process contains branding and visual guidelines like mandatory application to be installed on the device, their position and other indications which create a great user experience.

The Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification process also includes couple of test processes which should be completed in order for that tablet to be “Google Certified”. The tests are: Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier), CTS Audio Quality Test Suite (CAT), GMS test suite (GTS).


Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)

The Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) is a free, commercial-grade test suite which includes 3 types of test cases: unit tests; functional tests and reference application tests. The meaning of the CTS is to show incompatibilities in the device if there are any and to ensure the software remains compatible throughout the development process. Android compatible device gives more than just applications – it gives high-quality functionalities and access to Android Market.

When your device has passed the CTS the next step for Google Mobile Services (GMS) licensing program is CTS Verifier.


Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier)

While CTS checks functions that can be automated, CTS Verifier requires manual work. It tests functions that cannot be tested on a stationary device like touchscreen, camera, audio, accelerometer, etc.


CTS Audio Quality Test Suite (CAT)

Another mandatory part of the GMS certification process is the CTS Audio Quality Test (CAT). This test suite verifies the audio and recording quality of the smartphone or tablet.


GMS test suite (GTS)

The last part of the test processes is another automated test suite – GTS. The test is meant to ensure that the GMS applications are compatible with the Android device. GMS test suite (GTS) plays multimedia files from Google Play Videos, checks the bitrates and resolution.

The Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification process guarantee that the Android device meets high customer requirements and great user experience. The Android compatibility program works for the benefit of the entire Android community, including users, developers, and device manufacturers.